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September 9

If I have been debating whether to leave this relationship or not, chances are I’ve been keeping one eye open for the type of partner I’d like to have.
   Perhaps I’ve met someone who is unattached right now, and seems to have many of the traits I’m looking for in an ideal partner. I may be wondering whether I should take the chance and end my current relationship for good, before this other person gets into a new relationship themselves.
   Have I ever had the experience of standing in a grocery checkout line, and enviously eying the shorter lineup a few counters away? Maybe I remembering switching to the shorter lineup, only to find out this line went even slower than the one I left!
   If I look at my present relationship, I can see that my hopes about what would happen - and the reality of what has actually taken place - usually differ in many ways. Why do I think my crystal ball would be more accurate with any new person?
   Just for Today

   Today, if I’m debating about whether to leave or stay in this relationship, I’ll try to get some direction based on the merits of this relationship, without the distraction of a crystal ball aimed at a possible new partner. I have a difficult enough time trying to see the present clearly, let alone trying to see the future.

   Some look so hard for the roses over the next hill, that they fail to see the wildflowers around them. - BH

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