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September 4

If I’ve read books on relationships, I’ve likely come across the term "self-love". What exactly is self-love? Does it mean being selfish, even when it hurts other people?
   Unless I’m a gardner, I probably know as much about philodendrons as I do about self-love. Yet, if I was in pain, and I kept reading in books that philodendrons were a proven source of natural and healthy pain relief, wouldn’t I want to start learning everything I could about philodendrons?
   If self-love can help me improve my happiness and my part in the relationship with my SO, it’s worth finding out how - no matter how little I may know about it right now. It may be that my perceptions of it are based on bits and pieces that don’t give me a true picture yet, just like having a few puzzle pieces doesn’t give me an accurate picture of what a completed puzzle will look like.
   Just for Today

   Today, I’ll begin exploring what this mystery called "self-love" really is. I’ll seek out people who seem to feel genuinely good about themselves, and ask for their help and insight. I’ll also look for any books that can shed some light on it, and see if I can get a more complete picture of what it really is. If it can help improve my relationship and happiness, it’s certainly worth looking at more closely.     

   Some people get up in the morning and exclaim "Good God, another day!". Others get up and say "GOOD, God, another day!" - Anonymous

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