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September 3

Sometimes I feel angry over something my SO has done, but hold my anger in because I feel it’s a negative emotion. In the past, I’ve likely had many experiences where I’ve seen that anger has hurt someone, or only made a difficult situation even worse.
   Yet, I seem to be caught between a rock and a hard place, because I probably also find that I’m unable to get rid of my resentments, and one day they just seem to explode like a volcano, or drag me down into depression.
   Maybe my body has a good comparison that I can learn from. For example, the air I exhale isn’t "good" for me, but the only way to let "good" air in is to breathe the "bad" air out. Do I exhale on my partner? No, of course not - it would aggravate them pretty quickly if I did. Maybe I can do the same with anger. I can let it out into the air, in privacy if I need to, by yelling or cursing what I’m angry about. When I "exhale" my anger this way, it makes room inside for a breath of fresh air to enter my "emotional" body. I feel better, and likely discover I’m able to discuss problems with more genuine caring, and calmness.
   Just for Today

   Today, I’ll let out any anger I feel by picturing myself exhaling. I’ll feel my anger in a safe place - privately if I need to - and remind myself that thinking about my anger without letting it out, is about as useful as thinking about breathing without exhaling!     

   Even the wind has to roar sometimes before it can become a gentle breeze. - BH

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