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September 2


Some days in our relationship, there may be times that I just feel like sitting down and crying. It seems that so many things have gone wrong, or are going wrong, and I probably play reruns in my mind of many of the mistakes me and my SO have made, and/or continue to make.
   When such times come, it may help me to ask myself why all those mistakes don’t seem to bother me as much other times? When I have good days and happy moments, it isn’t because someone’s waved a magic wand and changed the past.
   It might help me to compare crying to emptying a glass of water. Each time I feel a little hurt, another drop gets added to the glass. Sometimes big drops get added. Once there are enough drops, it’s only natural that the glass would begin to overflow. Maybe I can find a better way. Instead of burying little hurts when they happen, perhaps I can find ways of releasing them regularly, whether it’s by writing them down in a private journal, talking to my SO or a friend about them, or some other way.
   Just for Today

   Today, I’ll remind myself that both my partner and I are human beings, and both of us will always make mistakes that will leave the other feeling raindrops of hurt. I’ll decide how I want to release those raindrops, whether through a bucketful of tears when enough have collected, or before my "glass is full". I’ll try to remind myself that tears are a natural and healthy release, and that I don’t have to drown myself in them when they appear.

   Tears are God’s way of making rainbows in our soul.

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