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September 10

There may have been times in our relationship where I wish I would have listened to my head, and not my heart. Yet there are probably other times when I have wished just the opposite! When my head and my heart seem to be leading me in opposite directions, how do I know which one to listen to?
   If I think of two friends disagreeing over a subject, often I can see that both of them have only a slice of the whole picture. When they combine their efforts and experience, and search for what they don’t know about the subject, they are often able to come to an agreement that satisfies both of them.
   Maybe my heart and head work in the same way. Each part of me is able to give its share of insight, and when they seem to disagree, it might be that I need to search for more of the complete picture. I’ve probably found that my best choices come when my heart and head are in harmony, instead of disagreement.
   Just for Today

   Today, if my heart seems to be telling me one thing, and my head seems to be leading me in a different direction, I’ll remind myself that maybe I’m not ready to make a good decision yet on whatever I’m struggling with in our relationship. I’ll begin looking at the areas my heart and head differ, and see if I can get more insight to bring them into true harmony.

   We don’t need unity to have co-operation. If we did, our feet would only let us hop, not walk. - BH

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