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November 4

There may be times when my partner seems withdrawn, down in the dumps, or downright depressed. At such times, it may feel as if an impenetrable wall goes up between us, with my efforts to cheer them up or communicate with them making little headway.
   It may help me to remember times when I felt sick with the flu, or preoccupied with something that got me down more than usual. During those moments, I likely felt that even the smallest "normal" things took more energy than I had, or wanted to give. Do I feel like talking a lot when I have the flu? Likely not; what I probably want most when I’m feeling under the weather is a chance to recharge, to rest, and take a break from many of the small and large demands on my brain and body.
   A "bug" doesn’t always have to be virus. Sometimes it can be depressing feelings that are triggered by a stressful situation, or something that doesn’t make sense until after I’m "well" again. Maybe the best thing I can do is give my SO the time they need to recharge, and simply let them know that I’m ready and willing to help them in that process, if they want my help.

Just for Today
   Today, if my partner is down or depressed, I’ll let them know that they don’t have to "hurry up and get better" for me. I’ll remind them that I am willing to help if they want my help, but it’s also okay if they don’t. I’ll give them the time and space they need to get through their struggle in the ways they need to.

The last thing we need when we’re down in the dumps, is to have more garbage piled on us. - BH

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