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November 3

Do I sometimes feel jealous or angry when my SO goes out for the night with 'the guys/girls'. What are they doing out there? How dare they be happy outside of our relationship without ME.
   When thoughts like this occur, it helps me to remember that I too have outside interests that I enjoy. Maybe it's biking, dancing, billiards, writing, scuba diving, taking classes or any number of activities that I do with others or alone. These activities can help to relieve the stress of everyday life as well as help me to learn more about myself and others in the process. Why would I want to deprive my SO of these same valuable results?
   Besides, the insights we gain from outside interests can lead to wonderful new topics of conversation, in-depth sharing, and maybe a new understanding and appreciation between us. I can celebrate our time apart as well as our time together.

Just for Today
   Today I’ll notice and rejoice in the gems I receive from activities outside my relationship, and I’ll remember them the next time I feel upset about my SO spending time without me. Maybe I’ll even start a conversation with my SO in which we each share our gems after spending time apart.

He who lives inside small envelope rarely get to lick the stamp. - klc

(This reading was written and contributed by a reader.)

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