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November 2

   There are probably days in our relationship when I feel very frustrated at the seeming lack of progress in struggles me and my SO are having.
   Maybe I’ve talked about a problem til I’m blue in the face, or my partner has promised an important change, only to go right back to the way things were before. Perhaps there are many days when I feel like throwing my hands in the air and exclaiming "what’s the use!"
   Have I ever tried to fix something, such as an appliance, and spent hours in similar frustration? Have there been times when I actually made things worse with that appliance in trying to fix it? And have their been times when I finally did manage to fix it, and the next time it broke, found that repairing it again required much less time - because I had a much better understanding of how it worked?
   Maybe my attempts to fix things in our relationship follow similar principles. None of us were born with a relationship manual imprinted in our head. Almost everything we learn comes from listening to and watching others, and our own trial and error efforts. Like fixing anything, the more we learn what we need from others, the quicker we are likely to find solutions that work.

Just for Today
   Today, instead of trying to force solutions to happen in my time schedule, I’ll take slow progress as a sign that I need to reach out and learn more about our types of problems from others.

Maybe I'm lucky to be going so slowly, because I may be going in the wrong direction. - Ashleigh Brilliant

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