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November 1

If I have strong religious beliefs, I may find at times that such beliefs seem to ask me to sacrifice or give up something important in our relationship.
   For example, if I’m unhappy in our marriage, but my SO seems to be trying hard to be a good partner, my religion may strongly suggest that I have no choice but to stick with it, to sacrifice, to put my partner’s happiness above my own. Such beliefs may even give me some comfort, yet there are many days when I find my unhappiness welling up again and again regardless.
   There’s a saying that "first, God made man in His image, then man tried to make God in man’s image". As perfect as God is, religion has shown through the ages to be very imperfect, continually in refinement. For instance, Galileo was excommunicated for proposing scientific ideas that are well-accepted today by Christianity.
   Maybe the real truth behind "sacrifice" isn’t to give up something of value to us, but to give up those things that have less value, to make room for things of more value? If I "sacrifice" my despair that things will never improve, for instance, maybe that can make room for renewed hope and commitment to find answers than can make things improve?

Just for Today

   Today, if my religious beliefs seem to keep me stuck in unhappiness in our relationship, I’ll begin a process of earnest questioning that can help me see those beliefs in a new and more helpful light.

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