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May 5

   Imagine yourself in a grocery lineup: the cashier yells that it will be 5 hours before you finally make it through the checkout. What do you do? Of course you leave that lineup - even a 5 minute wait in a checkout seems like an eternity!
   Yet have I been waiting hours, days, months, or even years for happiness to come my way? I stew in my own "lineup", wishing that time would finally bring me to a magical period in my life, when I'd finally be able to own what all my trials and tribulations have "paid for".
   Maybe I'm simply in the wrong lineup. Instead of waiting hours or years, happiness in our relationship may be only minutes away - if I chose. There are many simple things that can give me a warm glow inside, like writing a short love note to my partner and hiding it under their pillow; giving them a hug; remembering special moments we shared; stroking my partner's hair, as they lay their head on my lap.
   I can also do many things that don't depend on my partner, such as going to a playground and letting my inner child play, or sharing laughter with a good friend.

Just for Today
   Today I'll stop waiting for happiness and fun, and look for it in unlimited opportunities all around me. If I'm going to have 24 hours in this day, let me fill some of them with feelings I really love.

The average person living to age 70 has 613,000 hours of life. This is too long a period not to have fun. - Author Unknown

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