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May 29

   Many of us have walls to protect our inner insecurities, much like castles have high walls to protect its inhabitants from outside dangers. While those walls may help me in some ways, they also hurt me as well. I feel imprisoned, and I snap down the deadbolt to my heart time and time again.
   As a result, my partner is often left confused. At one moment I let them into my inner sanctuary, and the next moment I shut them out, leaving both of us feeling lonely and confused.
   If I use the magical protection that love gives me however, I can slowly start dismantling my walls, stone by stone. Its magic can render most "weapons" harmless. When my partner criticizes me, I can see they are saying more about themselves than they are of me. Answering unkind words with loving kindness gives me a shield that makes arrows of bitterness unable to penetrate my skin. Unless my SO is treating me with unacceptable abuse, my walls will only serve to keep frustrating both us in our search to truly understand each other, and find compassion for our imperfections.

Just for Today
   The next time I feel as if I'm "putting my walls up", I'll ask myself if they're protecting me or imprisoning me? Am I giving my SO the power to hurt me?
   Today I'll take back that power by reaffirming my goodness and specialness, and realizing that their unkind words or actions say something about them, not me.

Consider the fly on flypaper; it keeps sticking to something that clearly doesn't help it. - BH

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