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May 24

   Imagine swatting a porcupine with your bare hands. Who would hurt more?
   When I hurt someone, I hurt myself just as much. Unlike swatting a porcupine, often the harm that I do to myself isn't as obvious. It may show up in ways that seem unconnected to my original action, and it may not come back to me until much, much later.
   Yet if I take a close look at those actions, I can see ways that I do hurt myself that maybe I never realized before. I say unkind words to someone, and the bitterness of what I say poisons me; I lie to my partner, and this prevents me from getting genuinely close to them; I judge my SO for a certain fault, and then have to spend extra energy to maintain my standards of perfection.
   Treating my SO with love, compassion, and understanding is not something I need to do for them, as much as I need to do it for myself. When I treat someone else well, I treat myself just as well. Being kind to others is one of the best gifts I can give to myself.

Just for Today
   The next time I'm tempted to do something that will hurt my SO or another person, I'll think of swatting a porcupine. If I'd like others to treat me kindly and with love, than why wouldn't I treat myself the same way?
   Today in all my actions, I'll remember that if I hurt others, I hurt myself just as much. But when I treat others with love, I also treat myself with love too just by doing so.

You cannot do wrong without suffering wrong. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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