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May 22

   What am I worrying about this minute? What have I worried about so far today? In answering such questions, I'll probably find that I repeat many of my worrisome thoughts over and over again, as if mere repetition would magically bring me closer to solutions.
   Most of my worries over our relationship and other things have less to do with the present, then they do with the future - later today, tomorrow, next week, etc. I forget that I can only live in the present, as much as I try to imagine what my life will be like in the future.
   My worrying about tomorrow robs me of my time today. That doesn't mean it's useless to plan for the future; it just means that after I prepare for the future in common sense ways, it does me little good to worry about the outcome.
   If I take the time instead to live today to its fullest, I'll find that my improved attitude and peace of mind give me the best preparation I can have in facing whatever challenges lie ahead.

Just for Today
   Whenever I find myself worrying about things in the future, I'll ask myself "where do I live: in the future, or in the present?"
   Today I'll make a worry list, and write my worries down, so that I don't have to keep remembering them. Then I'll put the list out of sight, and try to live each moment in the present as best I can. My improved attitude and outlook will give me more strength and serenity to handle whatever challenges I face today, and after.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

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