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May 21

   Some of us may have turned to prayer at times in trying to find help or answers in dealing with our relationship. For those that don't believe in prayer, often wishing, or crossing our fingers is what we substitute.
   If I do believe in a higher being that listens to my prayers, I'll likely credit some things that happen in my life to divine intervention. But maybe most times when "God helps those who help themselves" it's our increased faith in ourselves that plays a major part.
   Prayer or meditation helps me to make contact with parts of my inner self that get lost in the day to day hectic pace of life. Like a pool of water, I can only see clearly into my inner self when it has a chance to be still and calm.
   It may be that God helps me most by giving my inner self wisdom, compassion, faith, and understanding, that I only see clearly once I take the time to achieve inner calmness. If that's so, then by the very act of praying or meditating, I take advantage of a precious gift that is always waiting for me.

Just for Today
   If I use prayer to help me get through difficult times, I'll stop asking God to "please hurry".
   Today I'll ask for guidance in reaching the special calm part of me that has wisdom, love, and understanding. Whether I pray or meditate, I'll try to rediscover the inner voice in me that can guide me in loving directions my mind or emotions are unaware of on their own.

Prayer doesn't change things. It changes people and they change things.

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