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May 2

   If I counted the number of times I kicked my butt over choices I regretted, I'd probably have to seek medical attention for the bruises on my behind.
   Many of us kick ourselves for things that are simply human. I kick my butt for making mistakes; not seeing things others saw; not listening to my intuition; having other people upset with me; putting myself last; repeating a mistake I thought I had already learned from; and so on.
   Maybe I do this because I've learned to expect punishment whenever I fall short of others' expectations, and that I "should" feel bad when I fall short of my own. But if love includes acceptance, have I really been treated with love when I was treated that way?
   All of my choices have natural consequences - some are consequences that I like, and there are others I don't. If I accept this, I can start letting go of my habit of self-punishment. I'm only human. In doing so, I'll probably find my disposition improves dramatically, and my outlook on our relationship and my life gets better too.

Just for Today
   Today I'll remind myself I have the right to make mistakes, instead of letting others or even myself "kick me" for being human and imperfect, . The natural consequences of my choices are good enough teachers. It's harder to learn their lessons when I'm running away from my own foot.

You've no idea of what a poor opinion I have of myself, and how little I deserve it. - William Schwenck Gilbert

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