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May 13

   If I feel sometimes like I'm in a prison, or wearing handcuffs, maybe it's time to stop and ask "who has the keys?" Maybe our relationship has a number of "should's", and "must's" in it - obligations that I feel a duty to fulfill.
   Where's the rule book for these obligations? If they're something I've chosen to accept as "must", then my acceptance doesn't make me a victim, as much as a volunteer.
   Do I say yes to sex because I feel obligated, or by free choice? Do I accept restrictions on my choices from my partner because I feel there are unwritten rules governing what I should or shouldn't do?
   When I feel caged up, it might be time to look closely at what I'm doing that allows unwritten rules to run my life. If I realize I've always been free to accept or reject such rules, I can give myself more freedom to make choices that feel truly loving for me, and my partner.

Just for Today
   Today I'll stop whenever I find myself saying "I should do this, or I must do that", and ask "who is forcing me?" Unless someone is physically taking away my freedom, I'm always free to make whatever choices are best for me. If I choose to voluntarily do something that others consider an obligation, that is still my choice. I have the right to choose how much freedom I give away, and how much I keep.

Everything is something I decide to do, and there is nothing I have to do. - Denis Waitley

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