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May 10

   How much money is enough? Ask this of most people, and they would likely say a million dollars. Ask this of millionaires, however, and they would probably still want more. I have a rough idea of how rich I'd like to be, but the reality is that I probably won't reach my magic figure. But that doesn't stop me from working 12 hour days, running up bills and debts, and having money problems many times during our relationship.
   Money often seems like closet space; no matter how much extra I get, I always seem to find ways of using it to the limit, or beyond.
   Until financial hardship hits me however, I seldom think or how much money costs our relationship. I spend more time at work, sacrificing time together; I juggle bills, or stay at a job I dislike because of my financial obligations, and come home in a lousy mood.
   Maybe it would help me to remember the phrase "less is more". The less I need money to bring pleasure and happiness to my life, the more it becomes my servant, instead of me being its slave.

Just for Today
   How much of my happiness depends on money, or things money can buy? Do I want my happiness and our relationship to depend on something that can be lost so easily?
   Today I'll take time to slowly let go of using money to "buy" peace of mind. If I can be happy with plain things, and the essentials of life, then I greatly improve my chances for present and future happiness.

If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil. - Henry Fielding

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