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May 1

   How possessive am I of my partner? At a party, do I constantly check on them to make sure they aren't having too good a time, or talking to someone who may be more attractive or charming than I am? Do I feel pangs of jealousy whenever they seem to talk too warmly to someone of my gender?
   Romantic literature abounds with stories of jealous lovers who exact their revenge on others because of the apparent betrayal of their "deep, passionate love". But is jealousy really part of love?
   When I feel jealous, underneath I'm usually afraid. I dread being hurt or rejected if my partner found someone "better" than me, whether in looks, sexuality, charm, humour, or any other trait I feel important.
   What such feelings do however is imprison me. I live in constant fear that my SO will eventually leave me, and my signs of love often become desperate attempts to prevent that from happening.

Just for Today
   When I feel jealous, I'll take a moment, and ask myself "what am I afraid of?" The more I try to control my SO's actions, the more likely they'll rebel and seek out the very people I'm afraid of them knowing.
   Today I'll take better care of my own needs. I may find that my fear of being rejected decreases as a result, and my self-confidence grows. If I accept that jealousy is not a healthy part of love, I can begin to make better choices that help me get more genuine love in my life.

Jealousy is the art of injuring ourselves more than others. - Alexandre Dumas

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