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March 9

   Every relationship has its share of disappointments. When I experience problems, sometimes my hopes slowly disappear like the moon on a cloudy night. At times, I realize that some dreams I once cherished will probably never happen. It's tempting at such times to give up hoping for anything at all, so that I won't feel the deep pain of disappointment later.
   Yet, how realistic am I being if I expect most things to turn out the way I want? If I review my life, I'll probably find that I tended to focus more on dreams that didn't come true, and paid little attention to all the gifts I've been given so far.
   We always seem to want what we don't have. If I were a quadrapeligic right now, my of my biggest dreams would be to walk again. If I had terminal cancer, I'd dream about medical science finding a cure. If I lived in a famine-filled Third World environment, I'd dream about having enough food to eat each day.

Just for Today
   Am I taking a negative view of my dreams when my relationship with my SO falls short in fulfilling them? If so, maybe I'm forgetting that my dreams all centre around one theme - my search for happiness.
   Today I'll take some time and count the gifts I've been given so far, such as good health, a caring friend, freedoms I have in making choices, etc. I'll look at what brings warm smiles to my face, and use those as clues to give myself extra little moments of joy today.

Some of us look so hard for the pot of gold, that we miss seeing the rainbow. - BH

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