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March 3

   Many of us try to figure out solutions to our relationship problems on our own. We stew about something that is bothering us, and then come up with a solutions we think are "right", but often end up with more frustration.
   Am I handling our problems the same way? If I am, most likely I'm not having much success. Maybe I'd get further by reaching out.
   When I talk my difficulties out with others, often I get new insight just by hearing my own words. I also improve my chances of finding solutions if I search out the insight of others who have special knowledge, or experience.
   Usually it helps simply to know that I'm not alone. Even when I don't have someone handy to talk to, a good book on relationships or love can help me see that there are others who have struggled with the same things. When I do talk to my SO about a particular problem, I'm able to do so with less fear my feelings may be stupid, or rare.

Just for Today
   Am I puzzling over a particular problem in our relationship?
   Today I'll try to find someone trustworthy to share my feelings and thoughts with, and see what new insights appear. Or I'll search out books, or other sources of insight, to help me get the reassurance I'm not alone in handling this.
   The better I feel about myself and the more insight I have, the easier it will be to solve problems, instead of making new ones.

A problem shared, is often a problem solved.

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