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March 22

   If I've done something in our relationship that gives me a guilty conscience, or made a mistake that affected my SO and later discovered my error, I might be tempted to keep it to myself. Maybe I fear my partner's reaction once I "own up", or hate the feelings I get when I feel I've fallen short of my own standards.
   My secrets are like bricks; as long as I keep carrying them around, they'll continue to weigh me down, interfering in almost every part of my life, often without me realizing it.
   I don't have to necessarily release my confessions to my partner. Doing so has its advantages, but if I'm not ready or willing to yet, their reactions could reinforce my belief that I'm better off keeping my mouth shut.
   Before I can hope for forgiveness from my SO however, the first thing I need to do is start forgiving myself. To do this, it helps tremendously when I can share my confessions with someone who is trustworthy. Often, when my secrets reach the light of day, I'll discover that they aren't as terrible as I thought, and neither am I. All I really am is human.

Just for Today
   Today, if my conscience is bothering me, I'll find someone trustworthy to talk to and take some weight off my mind. Whenever I feel fear about doing so, I'll remember that I'm only human and have the right to make mistakes. Bad choices don't make me a bad person.

Confession opens your heart to forgiveness.

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