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March 20

   The scene may be familiar. "I don't want to go; I know I won't have a good time; how can you ask me to do this?" Three hours later, the person who uttered those words is having the time of their life.
   There are likely many times during a relationship when someone says something critical, accusing, or despairingly, only to sheepishly eat their words later. Even worse is hearing the dreaded words "I told you so".
   When I believe I have a monopoly on the truth, or have the amazing power of knowing exactly how things are going to turn out, I'm setting myself up for such words. All that I ever really have is my perception of the truth, and my feelings and thoughts at the present.
   If I accept that, I know my words just reflect what I think and feel, and that there's equal room for my partner's thoughts and emotions, even when they don't match mine. The less I try and prove myself right and my SO wrong, the better example I set. I may even discover my SO gives my thoughts and feelings the same respect.

Just for Today
   Today I'll remind myself I can only give my best guesses about what the truth is in any situation, because I never know everything about anything. I don't even know for certain what I'll feel about something a day, an hour, or even a minute from now. Things can surprisingly change in a heartbeat. In recognizing this, I'll choose my words with thought and caring, and remember that I don't have to "be right" to be me.

Nothing tastes worst than having to eat your words.

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