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March 2

   Most of us want to eventually get married and have children of our own. Many see having babies as an important part of their happiness, and likely have many images inside of how parenthood will be, and the joys it will bring them.
   Yet if I look back to my own childhood, I can probably see many times when I felt like a burden to my parents, or a source of anger, frustration, or disappointment. Are these the kind of memories I want to give my own children?
   Often, children are the lightening rods for difficulties that really have nothing to do with the child. A parent that's angry at their spouse can explode in rage at a child for something inconsequential; parents that feel like a failure in their marriage will often hold their children up to exacting standards to give the parents a sense of self-esteem.
   If I want to give my children the best I can offer, then I have to take a look at what I actually have to give them. Do I practice openness, patience, tolerance, acceptance, kindness in our relationship right now? The only things I can ever give, are things I actually have.

Just for Today
   Today I'll give some thought to whether children will be a part of our future, and ask myself what I want to give them? If it's love, happiness, and a belief in themselves, then the only way I can give them those things is to own them myself.

The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother. - Anonymous

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