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   March 18

   If someone asked me to carry a 200 lb sack of potatoes for them, what would my first reaction likely be? I'd probably say no, because such a heavy load would be more than I was willing to lift. It would be much easier to say yes however, if the 200 lb. sack were split up into 10 lb. bags. It might take me a bit longer, but certainly it would be more than manageable.
   How often do I try to tackle big problems in our relationship the same way? I look at the whole problem, and the weight of it seems overwhelming. Yet if I take the time to break it into smaller parts, I can see that it might take longer to find solutions, but at least it's within my power to handle.
   Often I discover there are little things I can do to make small but noticeable changes. Something as simple as a short walk in the fresh air can have a wonderful effect on my perspective. Talking to my SO about one small aspect of the problem - and limiting my talk to that for now - can also produce surprising results. Before I know it, each small step I have taken has brought me further than the biggest leap I could ever make.

Just for Today
   Today I'll look at a problem I'm facing, and see how many smaller pieces I can break it into. By handling one small part at a time, I'll have plenty of strength left to deal with the normal challenges of the day, while making at least some progress on a major difficulty. Before I know it, I might be surprised to see all these small steps have taken me to a real solution.

An avalanche can be started with a snowball.

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