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March 17

   If I've done something I feel bad about, or mistakenly blamed my SO for something and later discovered my error, my conscience usually makes it hard to get any real inner peace until I've owned up to what I've done. I might fear admitting my error openly, and being judged harshly, or giving my partner an excuse to continue troublesome behavior. Or it might bring back childhood memories of being called naughty or stupid.
   Whatever mistakes I make though, I'll remember I'm only human, and am allowed to make mistakes. I don't need to fear what my conscience is trying to tell me. Admitting my errors doesn't mean I have to accept anyone else's judgement. I can make amends as best I can, forgive myself, and learn from my experience.
   I can accept my conscience as a friend that tries to keep me from repeating the same mistakes over again. In doing so, I discover a companion that helps me in wonderful ways in my search for happiness.

Just for Today
   Is my conscience is bothering me about something?
   Today I'll take some quiet time of reflection, and see why I'm so afraid admitting something I've done. If it feels too scary to talk to my partner about, I'll find someone to open up to, and see what new strength I get by getting it off my chest and out in the open.

A conscience is like a baby. It has to go to sleep before you can. - Anonymous

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