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March 16

   Do I lead a double life at times in the ways I treat my partner? For example, are I courteous to them in public, and save my criticism of them when I get behind closed doors? Do I wear a cheerful expression at work, and then replace it with a scowl or other look at home?
   If my treatment of my SO was recorded and highlights were played every day during the afternoon soaps, what kind of reaction would I and others have? If I visualize this, just thinking about what I did yesterday may cause me to cringe.
   Sure, I may feel I'm justified in how I treat my partner, but the simple truth is that any ill treatment I give to them only makes any situation worse. If I had my choices shown to the public each day, I'd probably get uncomfortable very quickly with my behavior.
   When I treat my SO as well in private as I do in public, I send them a clear message that they are more important than other people's opinions of me. Isn't that exactly what I want from them too?

Just for Today
   Today, I'll take some time to notice how my behavior outside our relationship differs from what happens inside. When I find any differences, I'll ask myself why, and start to give careful thought to being the best I can, no matter whether I'm alone with my SO, or where other people can see my choices.

To live so that you would not be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip, is to have lived well.

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