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March 11

   Envy is an emotion that we all experience at one time or another. I may find myself envying things other couples have, such as more money, more exciting jobs, children, "better" looks, greater apparent happiness, and so on.
   When I compare what I have to others though, I often end up unhappy over things in our relationship. I become more disappointed in myself or my SO, and often magnify our imperfections and limitations. The end result is that our relationship becomes more of a struggle to measure up to outside ideals, rather than having happiness that comes from cherishing all the good things we actually have.
   Are rich people automatically happy? No - divorce strikes the wealthy as much as it does the poor. If I look closely, I'll probably find that the couples that seem the happiest are those that cherish the simple things we can all have - warm hugs, unexpected soft kisses, sincere compliments, honesty, and true friendship.

Just for Today
   Today I'll think about what I've been envying in other couples, and ask myself what things bring me true happiness in our relationship. When I look closely at those, I'll likely find they're the moments of tenderness, caring touches, kind words, pleasant surprises, and so on.
   Maybe the "little things" aren't so little after all. The more I focus on what is really important, and what I have within my reach, the less time I'll have to be envious.

The only person worth envying is he person who doesn't envy. - Author Unknown

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