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March 10

   It's aggravating when my SO seems to treat their best friends better than they treat me. If I've experienced this, I probably feel cheated. But before I criticize my partner for being unfair to me, maybe I should look at what kind of friend I'm being to them?
   So often, I see myself as a lover first and a friend second. Do true friends make demands on each other's time? Do friends pick on each other's weaknesses? Do they spend time together doing separate things, or do they take time for mutual enjoyment or fun?
   When I see what kind of friend I am to my partner, I may find that although I claim to be their friend, my actions and choices don't reflect that as much as I thought. If this is so, one of the gifts my other friendships can give me is new insight into my choices. I want to build the type of closeness that helps me be a friend and lover.

Just for Today
   In what ways could I be a better friend to my SO? Maybe I've been so focussed on building a "relationship", that I lost sight of the friendship part of us.
   Today I'll look at how my friends enhance my own life, and try to share the same kinds of things with my SO. When I do, I may discover that everything becomes easier to deal with when there is true friendship involved.

There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend. - Katharine Butler Hathaway

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