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June 9

   "Please, and thank you". How I may have hated being reminded to say these by grownups, as if I were obligated to repeat them every time I asked someone to help me, or I received something.
   I may carry a similar sense of obligation over to our relationship at times, as if I would be an ogre if I didn't say the magic words often enough, or my partner wouldn't feel as valued.
   Gratitude however is something I can do more for me than maybe I realized. When I say "thank you for such a wonderful present", it brings back the good feelings I got in receiving the present; it awakens my memories again and again, like going through a cherished photo album.
   When I express gratitude out of some sense of obligation, what my SO gets is a recognition of their actions. If I express it because of the joy it reawakens inside me though, it gives my partner much more; they see the radiance on my face and can feel the joy they gave me. I give them a wonderful gift back, simply by letting myself experience such loving feelings.

Just for Today
   Today I'll pause a few moments if I get the urge to say "thank you" to my partner, and let my inner gratitude reawaken all the wonderful feelings their gift gave me. Then I'll express my gratitude so that these delicious feelings sweep over me again, knowing that if they flow over me, they flow to them as well.

Expressing gratitude is like putting candles on a birthday cake; it's a celebration of something nice that's happened. - BH

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