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June 8

   How happy am I with my appearance, or my partner's? I"1d like to be able to say I'm totally happy, but if I'm honest with myself, there are probably things about each of our bodies that I wish were different.
   With all the reminders of how important it is to have a "great" body and face, no wonder I find it so difficult. Magazines are splashed with ads that feature women and men chosen mainly for their looks and sex appeal. A lot of those ads remind me I need help from certain products to look my best, or mask my imperfections.
   Can two people can ever completely agree on what beauty is though? One person may find a sunset and a dandelion equally beautiful. Another judges everything from a more narrow perspective, and even picks through roses to find one that meets their standard of beauty.
   Who has more beauty in their lives, the first or second? When I think about it, the more things I see beauty in, the more beauty and joy will surround me. When something looks ugly to my eyes, maybe it's my eyes that are defective, instead of what I see.

Just for Today
   When I look at my appearance and my partner's, am I letting others' narrow views of what beauty is take away from my joy in what I see?
   Today I'll look in the mirror, and see what I find unattractive about myself, and remind myself that "it's my eyes that need fixing, nothing else".

Nothing ages more beautifully than love. - BH

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