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June 7

   Do I have my life fairly mapped out, as if I know the route to future happiness? It may involve a rewarding job, marriage, children, a house of our own, two cars in the yard, vacations every year, and me and my SO growing wonderfully old together, being forever in love.
   Like travelling to any destination, however, no matter how good I think my map is, along the way I'll probably get surprised by how many detours there are. I get lost by taking the wrong turn, or something breaks down unexpectedly, leaving me stranded. One of us feels ill, so I have to turn back, and delay things.
   A map can only give me a sense of direction; it never guarantees that I'll get to my destinations when I hope, or even at all. If I set my plans so rigidly that my end goals become too important, what usually happens is I get irritable when things don't go as planned. I also don't really enjoy my destination because of the smoldering anger inside.
   It may help me to remember that some of the most wonderful memories I may have had came from unexpected discoveries in past trips: a little beach that wasn't marked on the map, a picturesque village we had planned to bypass. If I apply that to my plans for life, I can see that the destination is only worthwhile getting to if the journey itself has been wonderful.

Just for Today
   Today I'll stop living in the future; I can only live in the present. I'll make each step of my journey as wonderful as I can make it.

If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have plans. - Sister Emerita

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