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June 4

   Struggles over sex affect many relationships at one time or another. Perhaps one feels pressured at times, or is afraid of being inadequate, or finds it difficult to relax. Often there are differences in how frequently each partner wants it. Those kinds of differences and others often result in feelings of rejection, hurt, anger, frustration and confusion. We try to find ways of getting our needs met and respected, often without success.
   It may help me to remember that while my needs are important, it's not my partner's responsibility to take care of my needs. If I let a sense of obligation enter the bedroom, it will usually dampen love and the magic of sex. I end up with mixed feelings including disappointment, which I then feel I have to mask.
   What are my alternatives? It might help if I substitute other caring touches when my partner prefers not to have sex. Gentle non-sexual caressing helps us find that our bodies are capable of pleasure in many other ways. My respect for my partner's wishes will also produce a new climate of safety and closeness, that carries over to sex at a future time or day.

Just for Today
   Today I'll be more honest with myself and my partner about my sexual feelings and wishes. I'll support both of our rights to have our feelings respected, without placing feelings of obligation or duty on each other. By exploring other ways of achieving physical closeness, I can find ways of getting needs met without the pressure of sex.

What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult to each other. - George Eliot

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