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June 29

   Sometimes I have a down day, and then feel even worse when I think of how unattractive I must be at such times to my partner.
   When I'm in the dumps, I usually don't spend much time on my appearance. I find it difficult to smile, to give encouragement, and to be a "fun" person to be with. Whatever pain I'm feeling is likely compounded by extra worry that I'm giving my SO another reason to find someone else, someone "better".
   Why do I find it difficult to accept my "down" moods? Maybe I think that an ideal partner is one who's almost always happy, and when they cry, is able to "get over it" whenever they decide to. Am I describing a human being, or a robot?
   My down times are just as important to me as my "up" ones. There are old emotional wounds inside of me that still need time to heal. Trying to control that healing process is like trying to run 2 days after breaking a leg.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll remind myself that the more I accept my "blah" feelings as normal and natural, the more I'll be able to accept the same in my SO. What a wonderful gift to give them - that acceptance! And when we do experience moments of joy, what I'll likely find is those times are all the sweeter because we've been on both sides of the rainbow.

To expect happiness without going through pain is like going swimming without expecting to get wet. - BH

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