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June 28

   Am I being a doormat? Sometimes it's hard to know when I'm letting my partner walk all over me, and when I'm giving them healthy freedom to be themselves.
   For example, my SO asks me to do a favor, but the next time I ask them for something, they act put out. Or I end up slaving over some household chore, while they take off to enjoy themself.
   A doormat doesn't have the choice of being walked on, but I do. I have the choice, and the right, to talk about my feelings when I feel taken advantage of. If my SO doesn't feel like listening, I can talk to a friend instead. I can also decide whether or not to do a particular thing.
   For example, if the dishes pile up because my partner is unwilling to share washing them, the world won't end. I can take care of my dishes, and leave my SO's to them; I can buy paper plates; or I can do them, and find some way of having fun at the same time!
   The choices are mine, to do with as I wish. I can choose to feel like a doormat, or search for better ways of handling things that give me more calmness and peace of mind.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll look at a few things that I feel trodden down over, and see if I can find more clues as to why I let this happen. I'll make just a few small changes that help restore my faith in my right to make good choices for me.

A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life. - John Hancock

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