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June 21

   How many times have I heard or even spoken "I'm looking for Mr. (or Miss). Right?" Not only are we looking for someone with certain "ideal" qualities, but someone who also shares our views and feelings about love.
   Unless I'm in my first relationship, I've probably found out that my SO doesn't share my views of love as much as I'd like, nor are they as "ideal" as I probably thought they were at first. Maybe they don't express love in the ways I want; maybe they feel differently about aspects of sex, talking, or sharing their thoughts and feelings.
   It's true that I feel more comfortable with someone who shares my values, but if my willingness to love someone depends on them having certain values or qualities, am I truly treating them with love?
   If I put myself in their shoes, I'd probably be upset with such judgement. I might be sending them the hidden message that if they change or grow in different directions than me, that they risk losing my love.
   Do I want anyone telling me that I'm less loveable simply because my beliefs and discoveries are different than theirs?

Just for Day
Today I'll try to cherish the differences I have with my SO, instead of wishing they were more like me. By listening more to their views and feelings, I'll grow in my understanding in the wonderful diversity of people, life, and love.

When two people think the same way, one of them is no longer necessary.

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