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   June 18

   The stubbornness of a child is a wonder to behold at times. I may have run across a situation where a child was told he wouldn't be able to watch TV until he had picked up his toys. Instead of taking the few minutes that was needed to do so, he rebelled, and an hour later finally picked up the last toy before sitting in front of the TV.
   I'll probably smile at such an example, but if I look at my own behavior, I might be surprised to find that I do the same kinds of things in our relationship at times. I get into a battle of wills, where I refuse to do something, until my partner takes care of something I want them to.
   What does this accomplish for me? I might get the temporary satisfaction of having things my way for a bit, but at a much greater cost than I realize. I go around with a knot in my stomach and resentment touching everything I do. If my efforts don't succeed, I throw up my hands in despair because I went through so much turmoil in trying to get my way, and none of it worked anyway.
   If instead, I simply did what I felt needed to be done and whatever else I wanted to do, I'd likely find that each day became filled with more and more good moments regardless of what my SO did, or didn't do.

Just for Today
   Do my choices bring me a lot of turmoil when I wait for my partner to do something, before I act on something?
   Today I'll think about how I let my feelings depend on what others do, or don't do. My happiness is too important to be left in the hands of someone else.

We reach the end of our rope quicker when it has a lot of nots. - BH

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