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June 17

   I've probably felt depressed at one time in my life or another. For some people though, depression is almost a constant companion, affecting their ability to work, feel passion and joy, and making even "normal" tasks seem like impossible mountains to climb.
   If I suffer from ongoing depression, or severe bouts of it, I probably heap loads of guilt and shame on myself for letting myself and others down so much. My relationship suffers as my partner tries unsuccessfully to lighten my load, and I feel like more and more of a burden to them.
   It may help me to know that depression is becoming more and more of a recognized disease. I can no more "snap out of it" than I could miraculously cure myself of the flu or cancer simply by willpower.
   Once I accept that it can be a disease process, I can start to investigate what kinds of treatment could help me. Talking to my family doctor, or a medical professional experienced in treating depression can be an important step. Joining a self-help group, reading books on depression, or talking to someone who has successfully dealt with it can also make a big difference.

Just for Today
   Do I suffer from serious depression that I just can't seem to "snap out" of?
   Today I'll accept that it's not my fault if I do have it, but simply my responsibility to seek out proper help. In simply doing that alone, I'll likely find its effects on my happiness and our relationship become dramatically reduced.

Depression is the thief of the soul. - LH

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