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June 16

   Most people look forward to the day when they find the special someone they will marry. At the beginning of many relationships, we carry the hope that maybe this will be the one.
   If I'm in a marriage, I'm likely finding that the bed of roses has its thorns. I expected to have problems, yes, but not this many problems, or as serious or as difficult. Maybe once the honeymoon phase was over, I became more aware that we were two very different people trying to find out how to be ourselves and sharing our strengths, without being rejected or upset over our weaknesses.
   Marriage is a commitment to love, honour and cherish; it's not a license that gives me permission to try to change, judge, correct, or guide each other. If I can remember that, many of my difficulties will disappear. Do I cut off my hand, or leg because it doesn't do exactly what I want it to do? Of course not; I learn to accept such limitations as normal. Why not extend the same acceptance, and even greater to my partner - especially since I do not own them?

Just for Today
   Some of the key words in the marriage vows are love, honour and cherish.
   Today I'll use those as the guiding lights in our relationship - not criticize, judge, or change. I may be surprised to find how much new peace of mind that new outlook brings me.

Marriage, when it begins, is a beautiful swan. If it's wings beat in discord as it takes flight, eventually it plummets to the ground, and dies. When its wings work in harmony however, it can soar to wonderful heights. - BH

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