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June 15

   Have I done something I'm ashamed of lately, or made a choice that would be extremely upsetting to my partner, or others? Maybe I went too far flirting with someone, or made secret contact with a former partner, or shared a confidence that I had promised to keep, etc.
   When I feel I need to keep something secret from my partner or someone else, it's time to look at my choices and motives more carefully. Am I telling myself that "it will only hurt them" if I tell them, and that I'm sparing them pain by keeping it a secret?
   What I may not see is that such secrets can do much more damage while they remain hidden. Dishonesty acts like a repellent to love - both in myself and in my relationship - and its effects on our closeness adds to my frustration and our difficulties.
   At such times, it may help me to ask myself what I would want if the situation were reversed. Would I prefer to know the truth now, or find it out 20 years from now, after being deceived in the meantime?

Just for Today
   Whenever I'm afraid of admitting a secret inside of me, I'll remember that they'll rob me of life in many ways I won't realize until much, much later. When the truth hurts, then I know lack of it will even hurt more.
   Today I'll find someone trustworthy to help me find the way through my inner maze, so that secrets are no longer able to imprison me or others.

If you plan to carry secrets to your grave, be aware they may carry you there first. - BH

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