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June 14

   Sometimes I may get very upset with my partner, and don't understand how other people can put up with the same kind of behavior so easily. I see other people letting their SO's "walk over them", and letting themselves be used. At least I have the satisfaction knowing that I'll never put up with that from my SO.
   Maybe it would help if I wrote down my thoughts and feelings at times when my partner aggravates me most. For example, maybe they are constantly breaking promises that they make, and I feel upset every time I'm let down.
   When I write things down, I may be surprised to find out that I felt similar feelings very strongly before I met my partner. Maybe a parent or someone else close to me kept making promises that never happened, leaving me feeling hurt, bewildered and unloved. Each time my partner does the same type of thing, all that past hurt comes rushing painfully through me. I may not have realized that connection before.
   Once I see what's really happening inside me however, I can let my partner know why I feel the way I do, and start to discover ways of handling such situations that are more loving for both of us.

Just for Today
   Today I'll take the time to look closer at my feelings, maybe by writing them down - especially when I feel deep pain over something I blame my partner for. I may discover that the roots of my pain go far deeper than I realized, and that I may be placing my hurt over someone else's actions onto my partner's head.

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