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June 13

   I'm surrounded by sounds every minute of my life. Unless I have a hearing impairment, those sounds often have an influence on how I feel, and what I do. Listening to music on my stereo or radio helps me to get in touch with emotions, or escape from thoughts that seem to dull my spirits at times.
   Other sounds rekindle my spirit for life - children's or others' laughter, or the gentle voice of a good friend. When I'm unhappy, confused, or anxious, however, I usually don't want any sounds or noise to enter my ears.
   At such times, I may forget that nature has exactly the sounds that could help me most through such periods. The gentle rustling of hay in the wind, the lapping of water along a shore, the soothing ebb and flow of the ocean, or the sweet music of birds are all sounds I'll likely find soothing and calming to my inner emotions.
   Even if I live in a city, I can find recordings of such sounds that can help me get back in touch with a magical force that exists all around me. I may be surprised to find out how much my perspective and inner calmness can improve, when I rediscover what is always free for the taking.

Just for Today
   When relationship difficulties leave me wanting to escape to some peace and quiet, I'll remember that nature offers me something that can be even more calming than silence.
   Today I'll use the gifts that are always waiting around me, and discover how they can help me find the inner calmness that helps me through such times.

The sounds of nature is God's radio. - BH

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