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June 12

   Have I ever watched a child learning to ride a bike? They go for a little way, then lose their balance and stop awkwardly, often with their foot hopping along until the bike comes to complete stop. Sometimes they aren't so lucky and end up with a bruised knee or elbow. After they dry their tears, I see them back on again, grimly determined to master the balancing act sometime.
   My relationship may be very similar. I go along for a bit, then suddenly something gets off balance and things seem to grind to a halt, or I end up emotionally bruised and in tears.
   I may feel so hungry for love inside, that I want to desperately rush ahead at times to fill that big hole inside. But when I forget that I'm learning, and try to speed the relationship forward, it's almost inevitable that I'll crash sooner or later.
   Every relationship is a chance to grow and learn - about others, and especially myself. If I take that view, then when I slow myself down, I'll end up falling less often and learning more from those falls. I'll see that the only way I can stop crashing so much is by taking the time to learn and practice. In doing so, one day I will be able to achieve the balance I want, naturally and easily.

Just for Today
   Whenever I find myself "falling" in this relationship, I'll remind myself that I'm still learning.
   Today I'll slow down and be easier on myself, knowing that I'm gaining a little more experience each day.

Experience teaches us that experience teaches us. - LH

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