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June 10

   Is my partner asking me to change my weight or other looks, or giving me signals to do so? Am I letting them convince me I'll make them happier by going along with such wishes?
   Even if I am successful in changing my body to their wishes, any happiness I find won't last long. My body is naturally aging and changing from year to year. If I'm female, plastic surgery can become an expensive and ultimately futile exercise, as I race time in trying to undo natural wrinkling and other changes my body undergoes; breast implants have their own horror stories, as many women have belatedly discovered.
   Weight reduction as well can add feelings of self-blame and worthlessness to my life, if I'm trying to change my weight for my SO. Whatever my body is, it's a gift to me, and as special as each lily in a field, however different one might be from another. If something about my body is causing or masking health problems, or hiding deep hurts inside of me, I would be wise to search for answers that help me become healthier - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Otherwise, I'm just fine the way I am.

Just for Today
   If I change something about my body for my partner to "fix" something that is a natural part of being human, I probably won't be doing myself any favors.
   Today I'll treat my body as a wonderful home - maybe not perfect to others, but a warm and loving place, and perfect in its own way.

He said he wanted a women who could handle plastic surgery - so I bought him a blowup doll. - MsAnon

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