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June 1

   On some days, it seems my mind is so clouded with things to do, places to go, details to remember, that it seems impossible to make it through the day with much of my sanity intact. During such times, trying to analyze a problem seems as futile as trying to stuff 50 lbs of potatoes in a 20 lb. sack. It may help me however if I can remember a few short slogans that help me simplify my thinking at the moment. "Easy does it"; "first things first"; "live and let live"; "Rome wasn't built in a day".
   By anchoring my feelings to a few simple words, I often find my way back to calmness, where I can see that I don't have to tackle all of my challenges in one day. I can also see that some of the things I've been stewing over aren't really worth so much attention. If supper isn't a five course meal, will anyone starve? Will I die if the car doesn't get fixed today? If I don't do the laundry, will anyone have to go naked tomorrow?
   I can apply the same simple slogans in situations with my SO. If they've been in a grouchy mood lately, do I need to move heaven and earth to save them? Of course not - when they're tired of being grouchy, their mood will change on its own.

Just for Today
   Today I'll stop whenever my mind is overwhelmed with thoughts and anxiety, and clear the slate - if only for a few moments. I'll think of a simple slogan that will help me regain some calm. Those few wise words can help me let go of what isn't important, and focus on what is.

Before you complain about life's difficulties, remember the poor wallet; it has to accommodate change constantly. - BH

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