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July 8

   There's a saying that "when nothing changes, nothing changes". Have I been hoping my SO would change something important in the way they treat me - and been waiting, and waiting, and waiting?
   Maybe I've tried different things to "help" the change happen, but have all but given up, because nothing seems to work. If I haven't really changed anything though, other than temporarily, is it any wonder that my partner's behavior hasn't changed either?
   I can always guarantee some change in any relationship problem, by changing what I do. If I change my way of handling a situation like this, it may not guarantee my SO will change, but it gives the best chance for the situation to improve.
   For example, maybe my SO is not as caring, understanding, or demonstrative as I'd like in showing affection. Perhaps I've tried "just settling for what I can get", or talking about it - again and again.
   If, however I decide that I'm going to give more hugs, more caresses, and more compliments - permanently - then I've already increased the amount of shared affection.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll begin making a permanent change in the way I handle a problem I have with my SO. It may not be the "best" solution I can find, but as long as I use kindness, compassion and caring in carrying it out, it will give a better chance for even more change to happen.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten. - anon

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