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July 5

   I probably have heard of relationships that have broken up because'we just grew apart". The couple spent their time more and more doing separate things, pursuing separate interests. It seems to make sense that if a relationship doesn't have enough shared interests, that the people in it are often better off apart.
   What kinds of interest do I explore? Are they ones that I want to share with my SO, or are many of them the type that help me escape from my partner?
   If I really look at the kinds of activities that we can share, I'll likely find that there are many possibilities that I haven't taken much advantage of. There are many simple things, such as: making up a fairy tale together; drawing a picture together; taking photos of each other; going for a moonlight stroll; playing cards; a surprise drive for a fresh donut. Sometimes it's the "silly" activities that bring us the most laughter, and make us feel warm all over in each other's company.
   When we feel good doing "small" things together, it becomes easier to enjoy finding "bigger" shared interests. Instead of finding myself in a separate yet hectic rut than my partner, we are able to leave the ditch behind, and have a big wonderful playground to explore.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll give my partner a short list of fun simple things we could do together, and ask them to pick one of them - and then do it with them if they are willing. I'll take time to have fun and even be silly, and give my SO a chance to play as well.

A rut is a hole with both ends kicked out.

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