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July 3

   When I woke up this morning, how long did it take me before I found something that upset me? Maybe I felt my partner took me for granted in some way, or perhaps there seemed to be an unspoken tension or stillness between us that felt uncomfortable. Maybe something else happened, or didn't happen, which brought up feelings of "this is going to be another one of those days".
   If I stop and think a moment though, how heavy would my shoulders feel if someone called me up every day and said "I'm only going to have a good day if you do such and such". I would likely resent that kind of treatment.
   If I put my partner in the same shoes, I can see how difficult it would be for them to live up to MY expectations so early in the day. When I take my eyes off my SO, I'll find plenty of reasons for me to be happy, starting with the simple fact that I'm alive today.
   I have 24 hours ahead of me, that are completely mine, even if I choose to use some of them working, or handling other responsibilities. They are like an Easter egg hunt; it's up to me to find where all the moments of laughter, smiles, and joy are hidden.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll look at the morning in a new way - as a start to a day that I will never have again. I will treat today like a rare treasure, and make as many moments count as I can. I'll look and listen for simple things, like a friendly smile, or the sound of laughter, and see what new things I can discover that I have missed so many times before.

Today I can say "Good morning, God" instead of "Good God, it's morning". - Alanon

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