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July 29

   'We hardly ever go anywhere, or do anything". This saying may be familiar to me. If so, likely my life at present has many moments of boredom, and frustration.
   How illuminating it might be, if I just did one simple thing - replace the word "we" with "I". Do I depend on my SO to be with me, before I'll venture out and try new interests, or even familiar activities?
   If so, then my boredom is a natural consequence of my choice. I have chained my life to more of what my partner does or doesn't do, and naturally feel like a prisoner as a result. Except I'm the one holding the keys.
   Maybe I feel scared, or lonely when I venture out alone. Whatever the reasons are, when I look inside for them I'm treating myself with love and respect. I'm being more honest with myself. That honesty can clear the cobwebs in my head, and help me see new possibilities. Taking walks to search out the laughter and smiling faces of children at play may be a gift I never gave myself before. How many other gifts are out there waiting just for me?

Just for Today
   Today, whenever I feel bored, I'll take out my imaginary keys, and unchain myself if even for just a few moments. I'll look for something that has brought smiles to my face in the past. It may be something as simple as finding a new book, a stroll in the grass, or writing a surprise note to the child inside me and sending it in the mail. Whatever I do, I will at least do something.

Our lives improve only when we take chances--and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves. - Walter Anderson

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