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July 23

   I may at one time or another overheard other people talking behind my back about my relationship with my SO. Maybe they said unkind things about my partner, or were critical of the way I treated my SO, or put up with things.
   Likely, their criticism stung. I may have questioned why I still stayed in the relationship. Maybe I felt stupid for not seeing things as "clearly" as my friends seemed to.
   At times like this, it may help me to "consider the source". Were the gossipers in loving, caring relationships of their own? Very likely, closer introspection would tell me that they weren't; they had struggles of their own that they hadn't yet found solutions to. Would I take the opinion of a mechanic seriously, if they couldn't fix their own car? Not likely!
   If I want truly helpful viewpoints, I'm much more likely to find them in talking to couples with caring, loving relationships, and in friends that value honesty, and dislike harmful gossip.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll take a look at gossip about our relationship or my SO that has stung me in the past. I'll let it go a bit more today, by reminding myself to "consider the source". I'll also remind myself to seek out the insight of loving, caring people I feel safe with, whenever gossip leads me to question my own views of our relationship.

Gossip always tells us more about the person speaking, than the person being spoken of.

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