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July 2

   "I don't want to cry anymore". Maybe I've uttered these words after another particularly difficult time in our relationship. I look back at all the other times I cried or felt like it, and thought "well, crying hasn't helped before, so there's no use crying now".
   When I use tears to try to convince someone to act the way I want, or make choices I want, then it's probably true that tears "haven't worked" in the past. But maybe I'd be able to say the same thing about a hammer, if I tried to saw wood with it in the past "it's no good, it doesn't work".
   Crying helps ME release pain and hurt, when I am going through a difficult time. No one knows quite why we shed tears, but all of us have experienced the feeling of relief after a good sob, like there's been a weight lifted off our heart. I still hurt, but there is also a new soothing feeling inside of me that helps relieve the pain, if only just a little at times.
   I deserve the right to cry, and it's only when I let the tears flow unashamedly, that I find they do their real healing work inside me. When my life seems muddy, my tears help wash away that mud, and helps me see my options more clearly.

Just for Today
   If there is something that brings tears to my eyes today, I will let them flow, and pretend my soul is spraying windex on the window to my world. I'll let my tears come to me as a blessing. The only change I'll expect them to make is inside me, like a cool rain refreshing a garden.

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